How to Create Content Your Ideal Customer Wants

Rachel Lindteigen
4 min readMay 4, 2022


How to find content ideas your customer wants

Everyone and their brother says, create more content, and maybe you have, but maybe you haven’t seen the results you were hoping for. Are you struggling to figure out how to figure out what content your Ideal Customer wants from you? Because let’s be honest, you can create a LOT of content and not see results if you’re writing about things no one cares about or is searching for or if you’re not optimizing your content. If you’re going to put the time and effort into creating great content, you want to make sure you get results.

So how do you find content ideas your Ideal Customer want?

Think about the questions your customers ask you regularly

Your frequently asked questions are often a GREAT starting place for content development. If people regularly ask you the same handful of questions that tells you this is information they need to know before making a purchase decision. Isn’t that the type of content you want to create? I know it’s the type I want to create for my business. Helping your customers get answers to their questions positions you as a go-to expert in your field.

What if you’re new and you don’t have customers to ask questions yet?

Think about the problem someone has that your business solves. Maybe you were your ideal customer a few years ago. What questions did you have before you figured everything out? Your ideal customer probably has very similar questions today.

Some of my favorite SEO content research tools can help you too.

Google Suggested Search is a very powerful SEO content research tool. It’s like keyword research times a million because it’s the EXACT terms that people are searching for in Google right now. You can use suggested search to get ideas for blog posts, website pages, and even opt-ins. Go to Google, start typing a keyword that’s core to your business, see what pops up in the suggested search, and go from there. Google’s people also ask section is full of great information too. Those questions can be great topics for you.

Answer the Public is another excellent content research tool. Go to their website and type in your core keyword and see what questions people ask about the topic.

I’ve seen these two tools provide blog post ideas, opt-ins, and more.

How do you determine which content topics to cover?

Once you’ve got your ideas (many of which will be in a question format from either Google Suggested Search or Answer the Public), go to Google and check the keyword search volume for the terms and choose the one that looks like the best opportunity for you.

Go back to Google and check the competition for the keyword you’re considering using and see if it looks like you can rank for it or not. If it seems like there’s a good chance for you to rank, then you’re ready to go! If not, look for another keyword with less traffic or competition and try again until you find one that will work. If you want to learn a fail-safe process for doing this, I teach it in my SimpleSEO class and would love to show you exactly how to do SEO on your website.

Write and optimize your copy.

Now it’s time to write and optimize your copy using the keyword you chose. Create your blog post or website page and write for your customer. Answer their questions, provide value, give them helpful information. Once your copy is ready, go ahead and optimize it, add a Title Tag and Meta Description and make sure you save your image file with your keywords.

For specifics on any of these items, check out the posts below.

That’s it, my friend. That’s how you find content ideas your customers care about. It’s much easier than it may seem. The key is to do a bit of additional research initially, and you’ll have a better chance of creating content that your customer wants to read that you can rank for so they can find it on Google. Spend the extra time on your SEO strategy, and you’ll be rewarded with better rankings and more traffic.



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