What is Blog SEO, and how to do it yourself?

What is blog SEO and how do you do it?

What is Blog SEO anyway?

Blog SEO is SEO just done on a blog. Ok, that’s super helpful, thanks. ;)

Why do blogs need SEO?

When you write a blog post, if you don’t do the SEO work, you won’t get as much traffic as you would if you did SEO. It’s simply the final step between your writing and your publication.

What’s the first step for blog SEO?

I teach my students and clients to use SEO to craft their content strategy for their websites or blog. That means we brainstorm topic ideas and do keyword research BEFORE writing our blog posts or creating our website pages so that we know we’re writing on a subject that people are interested in and searching Google for. When we create content that we know people are looking for, it’s more likely to get traffic.

What else do you do for blog SEO?

Once you’ve written a great blog post that answers your Ideal Customer’s questions and provides them value, you need to optimize it for Google before publishing. This means you need to write a Title Tag and a Meta Description that use your keyword. There are specific rules about writing these. You can learn about Title Tags here and Meta Descriptions here.

Final thoughts on blog SEO

If you want your blog posts to drive leads for your business, you need to use SEO to help craft the content strategy for your blog. Choose topics that have keywords your website or blog can rank for, write your content for your Ideal Customer and provide value to them, and then finally, make sure you optimize your content for Google, so it gets shown to more people.




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