What is Real Estate Content Marketing?

Photo asks — what is Real Estate content marketing

What is Real Estate Content Marketing anyway?

Content marketing is when companies or businesses (Realtors) create content that helps their ideal customer and provides value for them regularly. You can stay top of mind with your potential customer because they like the content you’re creating and want to read more. When they’re ready to make a purchase, they’re more likely to choose you because you’re a resource for them, but also, they don’t feel like you’re constantly pushing for a sale. You never outright ask for a sale in content marketing. You focus on providing value and serving your Ideal Customer, and in return, sales come.

What types of content do Realtors create?

As a Realtor, you can create any content you’re comfortable creating. You can have a blog, have a YouTube channel, be active on social media, make Reels or TikToks all day, and go live on Facebook or grow a Facebook group. You can also have a website, a blog, or an email list you email to each week.

What is the right way to do Real Estate content marketing?

This is going to be up to you, honestly. Which type of content do you like the best? A YouTube channel or blog are probably going to drive the most leads because of search engine optimization (SEO). Still, you can use SEO strategies for your social media channels too.

How do you get people on your email list?

You want to create a great opt-in to help your Ideal Customer and offer it on your website, in every applicable blog post, on each YouTube video, or social media posts. Add the link to your opt-in to your bio in your social media profiles. If you have more than one opt-in, consider building a link landing page on your website or using a service such as link.Tree that allows you to create a landing page for your opt-ins and freebies.

What’s the best choice for Real Estate content marketing?

There isn’t a best content option here; I always tell my students and clients that the best content is the type that you’re going to enjoy creating and do the most consistently. You’re not going to see results immediately, especially from longer-term investment content such as blogging and YouTube. You will need to have patience both YouTube and your blog rely heavily on SEO (search engine optimization) for success and take time to work, but man, once they start to work, they take off.

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